Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Correspondent Out-'Foxed' in Discrimination Lawsuit

Fox News correspondant Catherine Herridge and ...Image via WikipediaIn EEOC v. Fox News Network (Case No. 10-1660(RJL)), U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Richard J. Leon last week granted summary judgment for the defendant against sex and age discrimination claims brought by its Washington, D.C.-based homeland and national security correspondent Catherine Herridge.

Herridge, Fox's highest paid Washington bureau correspondent, sought relief, including punitive damages, alleging she was financially retaliated against during contract negotiations with the news organization, according to McClatchy Co. blog Suits & Sentences. Fox apparently offered Herridge a three-year contract renewal that paid $495,000 in Year 1, followed by annual increases to $530,000 and $570,000, which she countered, initially with a request that started at $621,000 in the first year and grew to $821,000 by year 3 and then subsequently changed to $900,000 in the first year and a request she be assigned anchor duties.

In his 17-page Memorandum of Opinion, Judge Leon ruled Herridge failed to prove financial injury, and branded her salary demand "astronomical."  Judge Leon wrote: "Herridge's allegations of retaliation, and her eagerness to blame Fox News for delays in salary negotiations are belied by persistent and unfeasible demands detailed in the record."

Apparently, the Court found Fox News made a liberal contract offer to Herridge that would ensure her personal security, if not national security.
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