Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dad Sues Facebook in Belfast High Court Over Pre-teen Daughter's Provocative Pics

Belfast skylineImage via WikipediaThe Silicon Republic blog posted about a story reported on by the BBC and The Daily Mail concerning a negligence lawsuit filed in the Belfast High Court by a father in Northern Ireland whose 12-year-old daughter allegedly posted sexually suggestive photos of herself on the social media platform.

Dad's complaint alleges his daughter provided information about where she lives and the school she attends, along with pictures of herself in which her father claims she is heavily made-up and provocatively posed. The Mail story says the daughter has received requests from adult men for more photos and messages. After all, what are "friends" for?

The lawsuit alleges Facebook failed to enforce its terms of use policy that requires participants to be at least 13 years old and has created a situation that poses a risk of  "sexual and physical harm" to his minor daughter. Facebook contends that it takes user safety seriously through its own safety center and by forging relationships with law enforcement agencies and organizations such as ChildNet.

"TUOL" believes the father needs to have the kind of  sit-down with his daughter that used to occur on The Cosby Show weekly. Readers should click the "Like" button if they agree.

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