Friday, October 14, 2011

Times Not at a Standstill; Looking for 20 Print Journalists to Accept Buyout

Logo of The New York Times.Image via WikipediaOnly ink-stained wretches need apply to The New York Times' management offer of voluntary buyouts for 20 staffers.

The Romanesko Website notes that the Grey Lady, as part of its efforts to adapt to industry changes, excluded digital journalists from the buyout. In a memo to newsroom employees, Romanesko noted the Times acknowledged the "continuing and difficult challenge to the Times: how to rebalance our business for the digital age while remaining steadfast to the quality journalism that defines us?"

The Times' contract with the Newspaper Guild of New York expires March 30, 2012, though it remains in effect until the two sides reach an accord. Any new pact is likely to reflect the Times philosophy toward rebalancing the more favorable terms print reporters enjoy compared to their digital counterparts.
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