Thursday, November 17, 2011

PM's Captured Chat Could Spark Legal Action

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle...Image via WikipediaJohn Key, New Zealand's 38th Prime Minister, may seek a legal remedy to prevent an off-handed conversation at an Epsom tea party last week from appearing in The Herald on Sunday newspaper, according to the Website

The newspaper acquired the video from a freelance cameraperson who inadvertently captured the PM's remarks, which purportedly could prove embarrassing if disclosed. The paper is likely to contend, Media law experts in New Zealand suggest, that revealing the contents of the video would be in the public's interest. A possible recourse for Key could be New Zealand's Crimes Act, which requires the parties' knowledge before a private recording may be made. Pursuing civil action under an invasion of privacy claim might prove unsuccessful because the tea party event was publicized and well-attended by media, the Website reports.

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