Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Closer Opens with a Splash; Will It Sink or Swim?

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Hamburg, Germany-based Bauer Media Group is going all-out in its debut of Closer magazine, ordering a print run of two million and an inaugural newsstand price of 25 cents, the New York Post reported today.

The magazine targets the oft-neglected demographic of women aged 40 and older, and will fill its pages with celebrity profiles, health, fashion and diet news, so, no heavy-lifting here. That goes for the premiere issue, featuring Valerie "Rhoda" Harper on the cover, which weighs in at 76 pages, but ominously, only 17 ad pages, according to the Post article.

Future issues (which is not to say that Closer has a solid future) will sell for $3.99 on newsstands, the Post reported. At least it promises to be a Miley Cyrus-free zone.
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