Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Roberts Exits Wash. Post in a 'Huff'

Lawrence Roberts, The Washington Post's investigations editor the past five years, has been tapped to head The Huffington Post Investigative Fund. The two-month-old nonprofit investigative fund, which was seeded with a $1.75 million budget, intends to produce multimedia investigations.
Roberts joined The Washington Post in 1995, and has edited numerous high-profile stories, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. A former business editor, he previously worked for United Press International and The Hartford Courant. In joining The Huffington Post, a self-described Internet newspaper, Roberts, who helped establish The Washington Post's Web site, alluded to the "financial pressures roiling newspapers." The move will doubtless engender hand-wringing by supporters of traditional newspapers, who hate to see the departure of esteemed journalists who use action verbs like "roiling." Indeed, the handwriting is on the wall, because, sadly, few would see it if it were in print.

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