Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hawaii County Council 'Leis' Low After Sunshine Law Breach

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Hawaii Third Circuit Court Judge Ronald Ibarra has issued a temporary restraining order against the Hawaii County Council, barring it from carrying out its governing functions, until the council rectifies its breach of the Aloha State's Sunshine Law (Chapter 92 H.R.S.).

In response to a lawsuit filed by West Hawaii Today, Judge Ibarra ruled that a quorum of the Council violated the open meeting law by engaging in private talks concerning the Council's own reorganization. Judge Ibarra's Order prevents the Council from taking official government actions, but does not take effect until August 5, to allow the Council to remedy the situation.

The Council has called a special meeting for Aug. 4 at which it will cancel irs reorganization and rehear
in open session any measures the quorum improperly acted on, including the selection of board officers.

Book 'em, "Ron-o."

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