Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Journalism Kids of the Famous Get Job in a Huff

David AxelrodImage by talkradionews via Flickr

Drawing on his vast experience as a reporter for his college newspaper, the 22-year-old Colorado College graduate survived a grueling personal interview with the editor-in-chief and outshone competing journalists on an editorial test to land the editorship of the news organization's latest showcase.

It's a real-life Horatio Alger story for the editor of The Huffington Post's Denver news site that goes live in September--Ethan Axelrod. You may know his dad--David Axelrod, former Chicago Tribune reporter currently serving as Senior White House Advisor to President Barack Obama.

Arianna Huffington, who boasts that her Website is more participatory than old-fashioned journalism publications, is notorious for not paying bloggers who contribute to the success of The Huffington Post. Ethan Axelrod joins the growing list of celebrity scion scribes at The Huffington Post, including Liz Hanks (Oscar-winner Tom's daughter) who was HuffPo associate living editor in 2007-2008; Elyssa Spitzer (Gov. Elliot's kid), a HuffPo intern; and Nicholas Graham (of The Washington Post-owning Grahams).

Hey, it's not as if there are any laid-off veteran journalists available who could do the job.

That eerie sound coming from the Journalism Afterlife is David Halberstam, Edward R. Murrow, and Walter Cronkite weeping.
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  1. If an Axelrod isn't connected to big wheels, it doesn't go anywhere.

  2. One never tires of puns. In this case, the "big wheel" is actually a spokesperson.