Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Can A Google Get Some Love?

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Bloomberg News reports that the European Commission, the antitrust arm of the 27-nation European Union, may investigate Mountain View, Calif.-based Google, to determine whether the search engine behemoth engaged in anti-competitive behavior.

Google controls 79 percent of the European search engine market, according to ComScore, Inc. Five months ago,, Foundem, and Ciao from Bing lodged an antitrust complaint against the company.  Google denies that its business operations run afoul of European competition laws. Faithful readers of "TUOL"--you know who you are--are familiar with posts over the past year involving various countries lining up to take potshots, and a tug at the purse strings of Google (see posts on  2/25/10, 1/11/10, 12/23/09).
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