Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beck's Bier

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TheBlaze(http://www.theblaze.com), the ubiquitous Glenn Beck's conservative news and opinion Web site, debuted Monday, one day after Beck's Restoring Honor rally White-out enshrouded Washington, D.C.

The Web site will be edited by former Breitbart TV co-founder Scott Baker.  Andrew Breitbart, of course, is the fellow behind the Shirley Sherrod and ACORN video scandal hoopla, so one would assume that Baker is skilled at overseeing the editing of  long videotapes into short incendiary video clips. Baker was an anchor for WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh for 13 years.

"Nothing Burns Hotter than the Truth" is the tagline for Beck's tangled Web entree. Beck said the flame image symbolizes a "burning truth" that is not consumed. It also can represent a destructive conflagration, but "TUOL" digresses.

Mediaite was the first site to report on Beck's latest project.  Today's home page of TheBlaze, besides Associated Press wire copy, includes stories headlined: HOAS Tread on Patriotic Symbols, NY Residents Don't Support Mosque at Ground Zero, Explicit Poetry GPS Phones Help Illegals and Ground Zero Imam: I've 'Always Been' a Jew and a Christian.

"TUOL" concedes that the Web site does represent a  technological advance over the blackboard, heretofore, Beck's preferred weapon of destruction.

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  1. I've become reticent about commenting, since I don't want to be alone in doing it here, or be considered a nuisance.

    However, after mulling over this post, I wonder if I'm alone in questioning whether Glenn Beck is mentally stable. The messianic zeal with which he undertook the weekend rally in Washington, his reasons for it, and now this, are questionable and unsettling, as is his devoted following of thousands. It smacks of cult.

    I mean no disrespect to the military or love of country or the respect they're due; I'm simply bewildered that Glenn Beck feels a huge, visible rally was needed to demonstrate it, and now he's entering an overt propaganda phase.

    It boggles my mind.

  2. Donna:
    Your comments are the life's blood of this blog--keep them coming. Beck has described himself as a "rodeo clown" (thereby disparaging a noble profession). He's withstood an advertiser boycott, dodged the Goldline Intl. scandal, is a recovered substance abuser and chuckled at the eviscerating satirical attacks by Jon Stewart. His program attracts about 2.5 million viewers and he reportedly pocketed more than $30 million last year. If he were a character in literature, he would be headed for a tragic fall, but given the real-life mood of the nation today, he'll probably get his own board game and bobblehead doll.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Sheldon.

    I hope to see you as a panelist on "Beat the Press" this fall.

  4. Only if you know something that I don't. Seems to me that the guest panelists on BTP are skewing toward 20-somethings these days (i.e., those awestruck by the host). Failing that, I'll see you in virtual world.

  5. Unfortunately I don't, and since you obviously don't either, I'll continue to hope that BTP will recognize what a great fit you'd be.

    I'm disappointed in the current BTP, and I agree with you about their skewing young. I understand the need, and I'm all for youth and passing the torch, but can BTP not find more articulate, more substantive and more broadly informed young'uns?!

    Some of the other BTP panelists could sharpen their game as well.

    Stay safe. I think we're in for a bumpy weather ride.