Monday, October 25, 2010

ABC 'Good News' for Newspapers: You Circulation Losses Are Slowing Down

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas Histori...Image by fables98 via FlickrLooking for a kind word where it can find it, the newspaper industry has glommed onto the latest circulation figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) for the six-month period from April 2010, to September 2010, which show a 5 percent decline compared to the same period in 2009. The industry can take solace in the fact that last year, the drop-off in newspaper circulation was more than twice that rate.
From April to September this year, The Dallas Morning News and The Wall St. Journal were the only two major dailies that experienced a circulation boost.  The Wall St. Journal's circulation grew by 2 percent and reported the largest circulation overall of more than 2 million, which includes 450,000 electronic subscriptions. USA Today was second largest at 1.8 million, a 4 percent decrease compared to 2009 figures, followed by The New York Times, which sustained a 6 percent decline in circulation to 877,000.
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