Friday, December 10, 2010

UPDATE: 'Anticipation' Over: Carly Simon Loses to Starbucks in Court Again

Cover of "This Kind of Love (Dig)"Cover of This Kind of Love (Dig)In her amended complaint filed last June in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of the Western Division of California, 64-year-old songstress Carly Simon accused coffee colossus Starbucks of tortious interference with contract, fraudulent business practices and concealment of material facts based on what she alleged was Hear Music, Inc.'s failure to promote her album, This Kind of Love. [See "TUOL" post 6/1/10.]

As reported by Web site THR, Esq., last week U.S. District Court Judge George Wu sided with the defendant in Carly E. Simon v. Starbucks Corporation (case No. cv09-09074), dismissing the amended complaint and holding that the java giant had no legal obligation to Simon, despite representations she claimed were made to her by Starbucks content development vice-president Alan Mintz. Starbucks had ended its foray into the music business and its relationship with record distributor Hear Music.

In denying Simon Vengeance by ruling for Starbucks, Judge Wu determined it was The Right Thing to Do. Starbucks prevails and Simon gets beans.

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