Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LA Times Editor Bolts Before Job Ax Wielded in Newsroom Again

Deutsch: Logo der Los Angeles TimesImage via WikipediaPartial front page of the Los Angeles Times fo...Image via Website this week reported that Los Angeles Times Editor Russ Stanton has resigned as the beleaguered daily awaits January layoffs that could further shrink the newsroom by 12 to 20 staffers.

Stanton is the fourth consecutive editor at the Times to depart in the face of a pink slip-laden newsroom. While at the helm, Stanton saw his editorial staff shrink to 550 from 900, The Wrap reports. Meanwhile, circulation at the metro daily has plunged 21 percent since March 2009. The Times is owned by the Tribune Co., which has been immersed in Chapter 11 bankruptcy since December 2008. A paywall for the Los Angeles Times is expected to debut during the First Quarter of 2012.
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