Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wealth of Information

Dollar Sign ($) created with the Nimbus Sans t... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Enriched reading, or just reading for the rich?

According to the online version of Women's Wear Daily, periodical publishers have launched four journals targeting readers who want ads touting Hermes and Harry Winston, not clip-out coupons. Bloomberg Terminal subscribers, who dole out $20,000 annually for the service, now receive Bloomberg Pursuits magazine (see "TUOL" post 1/27/12). WWD reports the demographics for BP magazine are 90 percent male whose average earnings are in the neighborhood of $452,000, which is a very nice neighborhood.

Get ready in September for Du Jour magazine in your mailbox, that is, if your mailbox is attached to a home that would sell for $1.5 million or so, and your income averages $5 million. Time, Style & Design is being marketed by Time magazine to a half-million readers eager to check out the latest Bulgari ad. And ForbesLife will now be available on newsstands, so pick up the latest copy, which includes an article by billionaire Warren Buffett and profiles the Bottega Veneta Suite at Florence's St. Regis.

Women's Wear Daily couldn't help but boast about the good fortune of its own W magazine, which has seen a 20 percent jump in ad pages.

The rich may be different than you and I, but the hard-working staff at "TUOL" is content with its current periodical perusing, though admits it's getting harder to find the spoon and the oar in the Highlights picture puzzle page.
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