Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Sun: Erin Won't Go Bragh-less Anymore

One thing Nixon and I would have agreed on....
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[Howth and Ireland's Eye. County Dublin, Irela...
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On the 39th anniversary of President Richard M. Nixon announcing he would resign the presidency, The Unruly of Law, as a serious media law and journalism blog, today should post about profound changes in the communications industry and serious challenges facing our deeply entrenched First Amendment principles.

But they don't call 'em the "Dog Days of summer" for nothing, so instead, "TUOL" reports that the Ireland edition of  Rupert Murdoch's tabloid The Sun this week decided to discontinue running photos of topless women on page 3 that will continue to appear in the Great Britain edition because of what Irish edition Editor Paul Clarkson labeled "cultural differences."

As reported by The Guardian, Clarkson explained that Page 3 is a "popular pillar of the Sun in the UK and part of a package (ed. note: some package!) of great journalism, which engages, entertains and informs in equal measure." The Irish Sun, Clarkson went on to say, strives "to cater for our own readers' needs and reflect the cultural differences in Ireland."

Those readers' needs must be behind the reason the Irish Sun on Monday published a nude photo of Hollywood siren Marilyn Monroe that did not display her nipples (Bust Stop?). According to The Guardian article, the Irish Sun, which sells more than 63,000 copies daily--plunging like a neckline from 72,000 a year ago--has thus far drawn one angry complaint over its decision to engage in a cover-up, so to speak, and "TUOL" hopes the protestor had the good sense not to leave his name.

One only hopes that all these years that the Irish Sun displayed Page 3's bare-breasted women didn't contribute to The Troubles. One also hopes that the self-censorship won't prevent The Irish Sun from publishing on this momentous day a photo of President Nixon's bust.

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