Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Computer...

The devoted staff of "TUOL" has been sidetracked by computer woes, so posts may be spotty the next few days.  Do not talk to strangers while we're away.

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  1. Hi Sheldon,
    I came across your blog while googling, and thought you may have interest in my blog. I am no writer, and not an attorney - even by a long shot. However, I live in LA, and in the last several years, I consider it my karma to catalog corruption of the courts in LA - where it is flaunted in your face. This year it reached crisis levels with the false imprisonment of 70 yo Attorney Richard Fine, former U.S. Prosecutor, and anti-corruption activist. He is held in solitary confinement since March 4, 2009, with no warrant, non sentencing or judgment, from litigation with on Register of Actions (California docket)... And no attorney dares to say a word, and media, hardly report the case.
    I am writing today to Inspector General of USDOJ on conduct of Alex Kozinski, Richard Tallman, and Richard Paez in this case - they issued an unsigned denial order of petition...
    I have plenty material, and if you have interest in writing, I would be glad to talk....
    Joseph Zernik
    Los Angeles County
    We own the "C" in Corruption.