Monday, November 30, 2009

Hasselbeck Hassle-free After Plagiarism Claim Dismissed

A federal judge in Boston has tossed the plagiarism suit against "The View" co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck brought by Cape Cod author Susan Hassett, who claimed her self-published book, Living with Celiac Disease, was the food source, so to speak, for Hasselbeck's best-selling tome, The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.

The case, Hassett v. Hasselbeck & Center Street Hachette Book Group (Case No. 1:2009cv11063) was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Tauro after Hassett's counsel declined to pursue the claim, raising doubts that the alleged infringement was serious enough to merit monetary damages for Ms. Hassett. See "TUOL" post 6/24/09.


  1. Welcome back! I've missed your posts.

  2. Thank you. Our dependence on technology is chilling. Spent a computer-free week taping handwritten posts on the "TUOL" monitor, but they kept falling off. More posts later this afternoon.

  3. Hasset to Hasselbeck to Hachette. Sounds like a triple-play combination.