Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kate Winslet Exercised at Daily Mail, Accepts Libel Payment

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 11:  Actress Kate ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, 34, has accepted an apology from Daily Mail owner Associated Newspapers, which was sugar-coated with a 25,000 pound ($41,012.00) settlement of her defamation claim  that was reached in the London High Court.

Winslet was incensed over an article that appeared in the Daily Mail Jan. 30, 2009, entitled: "Should Kate Winslet win an Oscar for the World's most irritating actress?" The article, according to Winslet's attorney, was offensive in tone, featured  nude photos of the actress taken from scenes in various films and accused Winslet of lying about her exercise regimen.  Besides apologizing for any "distress" caused the actress who appeared most recently in "Revolutionary Road" and "The Reader," Associated Newspapers agreed to pay her attorneys' fess and damages and published an apology in September.  In 2007, Winslet received an undisclosed sum in settlement of a suit she brought against Grazia magazine, which alleged she had visited a diet doctor.

No announcement concerning what Winslet intends to do with her "Titanic" settlement, but one can buy considerable "Romance & Cigarettes" with $40,000.

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