Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'God' Supplants Cronkite on CBS Evening News Intro

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His authoritative, sonorous voice has landed him roles as God (Bruce Almighty), Nelson Mandela (Invictus), and President of the U.S. (Deep Impact). Now, beginning Monday, Katie Couric will take her cue from Morgan Freeman.

The revered Oscar-winning actor has recorded the introduction to the CBS Evening News, which will replace the lead-in recorded by the late legendary CBS anchor Walter Cronkite, who died last July.  Cronkite's introduction has been used since Couric began her anchor duties on the evening newscast in 2006.

CBS officials said supplanting Cronkite with Freeman gives the network voiceover flexibility for when Couric does special reports or on-location broadcasts. The move also gives CBS box office "cred" to match the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, which has boasted Oscar-winner Michael Douglas as its announcer since 2007. Discovery's Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe handles the introduction duties for ABC's World News with Diane Sawyer.

"TUOL" is a big fan of the 72-year-old Freeman (even forgiving him for his credit card commercials voiceover and appearance in The Love Guru), but can't overlook the symbolism in CBS distancing itself from the most trustworthy hard newsman Cronkite in favor of  a Hollywood actor at a time when network evening newscasts are less informative and relevant, and more eager to pursue celebrity news and gossip.
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