Thursday, January 7, 2010

Whirlybird Reporter Job on Station's Chopper Block

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Forty-five-year-old Yarmouth, Mass., native Doug Meehan finds himself in the dubious position of being the answer to the following tv news trivia questions: "Who was Boston's first tv helicopter reporter?" and "Who was Boston's last tv helicopter reporter?"

Meehan, part of the original team on the Fox 25 (WFXT-TV-25) morning news show that debuted in the Hub in 2003, is permanently grounded, as the station will eliminate his position and not renew his contract that expires next week.  Meehan, a traffic and entertainment reporter, has not patroled the skies of Boston since June, when Fox 25 and WBZ-TV Channel 4 decided to share the use of a news helicopter as a cost-savings measure (see "TUOL" post 5/20/09).

Though never mistaken for Edward R. Murrow, Meehan's goofy demeanor was popular with viewers, so his departure may  be Helicopter to pay for Fox.
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