Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Please Don't Feed the 'Cagey' Columnist

Santa Ana ZooImage by Realitychek78 via Flickr
Orange County Register columnist Frank Mickadeit is fulfilling the fantasies of media-bashers everywhere. Mickadeit has taken up residence in the Santa Ana Zoo, and is streaming his two-day experience as a caged primate over the Internet.

Mickadeit calls his exhibit "Columinist in a Cage: columnist horribilis in his Natural Environment," according to a report in Editor & Publisher magazine. His next door neighbor is a crested capuchin monkey.

No complaints from PETA yet.  Clearly, the idea well has run dry for this columnist to engage in such a gimmick.  "TUOL" fears in today's news media climate, more newspaper columnists may seek shelter in zoos to avoid extinction.

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