Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPDATE: Twitter Subpoena Won't Be Pursued by Pa. AG

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Pennsylvania Atty. Gen. and GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Corbett has abandoned Grand Jury subpoenas of microblogger Twitter to learn the identities of tweeters @CasablancaPA and @bfbarbie, according to www.Wired.com.

Corbett's office went after the pseudonymous tweeters who criticized the AG's handling of the on-going "Bonusgate" public official corruption cases (see "TUOL" post 5/20/10).  A Corbett spokesperson claimed the AG sought to link the anonymous posts to "Bonusgate" defendant Brett Cott, before Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis sentenced Cott for his role in the scandal in hopes that it would lead to a harsher jail term.  Cott received a maximum five-year  jail term last Friday that Judge Lewis said was in no way influenced by any purported online criticism of the "Bonusgate" prosecution.

Public Citizen and the ACLU of Pa. were defending the anonymous tweeters against the subpoenas. Critics accused the AG of engaging in a "fishing expedition," the effects of which would stifle political speech rights.

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