Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cable Operators Survey: FNC Cable MVP

FOX News Channel newsroomImage via WikipediaSports networks aside, Fox News Channel ("FNC") is the network cable operators crave the most, according to an article in the latest Broadcasting & Cable magazine.

A Beta Research-conducted survey of 110 cable operators between August and November 2010, 42 percent of whose systems boasted more than 200,000 subscribers, estimated FNC's value at 58 cents per subscriber per month. Fox News finished ahead of the Disney Channel and USA Network and was worth a dime more than rival CNN.

The cable operators principally embrace sports outlets, with  ESPN and ESPN2 assigned perceived values of $1.16 and 71 cents per subscriber per month, respectively. The NFL Network and TNT, which hosts NBA contests and will air the NCAA tournament this year, also are considered valuable stations.

In its quest to remain the darling of cable moguls, Fox News coverage will continue to reflect the no-holds barred, bare-knuckle approach of the NFL Network and the fantasy world of the Disney Channel.

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