Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UPDATE: Univ. of Colorado 'Buffaloes' Journalism Majors

University of Colorado at BoulderImage via WikipediaBecoming a journalism major may not be a "Boulder" option if the recommendation of an exploratory panel is adopted by the University of Colorado, the college paper, The Boulder Daily Camera, reports.

Chancellor Phil DiStefano said journalism as a stand-alone major at the school may end after 2012.  Although the school continues to recruit would-be journalists from high school, the evolving media and budget cuts may result in closure of the School of Journalism & Mass Communication ("SJMC"). [See "TUOL" post 8/26/10.]

The exploratory panel advocates creating a school of information, communication and media technology, along with an Institute for the Global Digital Future that would, the panel's report suggested: "engage and advance the transformative potentials generated at the intersections of information, communication, media and technology." The goal, if nothing else, dramatically illustrates the difference between academic prose and journalistic writing.

Although a journalism major may not be available to enrollees after Fall 2012, the course of study may still be pursued as a minor or as part of a double-major, according to the Daily Camera story. Presently, 1 in 6 journalism students at SJMC opts for a double-major.

University of Colorado has never shut down an entire college in its history, though it has abandoned degree programs in the past.

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