Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UPDATE: Is Courtney Done With Court?

Courtney LoveCover of Courtney reports the Twitter libel suit brought against grunge chanteuse/Kurt Cobain widow Courtney Love by "Boudoir Queen" clothing designer Dawn Simorangkir (see "TUOL" posts 1/7/11, 8/25/09), slated to begin Feb. 8, has been pulled off the Los Angeles Superior Court trial list, prompting speculation that a settlement is in the offing.

Counsel for Dawn Simorangkir a/k/a Dawn Younger-Smith v. Courtney Michelle Love et al (Case No. BC41059) are purportedly due back in court March 4 for a status conference concerning settlement negotiations.

The plaintiff claims she was defamed by 10 angry Tweets from the defendant. Love's attempt to dismiss the suit on 1st Amendment grounds was derailed by the court in 2009, which found the Tweets at issue did not constitute speech about a matter of public concern.

Love's has taken a no-settlement posture up to this point, but it's looking more and more as if the allegedly harmed Boudoir Queen will be made "Hole" as it were.

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