Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freedom's Just Another Word Press Is Losing Worldwide

RFE/RL logoImage via WikipediaFreedom of the Press 2011: A Global Survey of Media Independence, the annual report by the Freedom House watchdog group released this week, rates only 68 countries of 196 nations and territories evaluated as "free," according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (

The Top 10 List that David Letterman wants nothing to do with--the nations most oppressive toward the news media--include Belarus, Turkmenistan, Ukbekistan, Iran, Myanmar, Cuba, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Libya and North Korea. Freedom House said governments in the countries on the list interfere with the press, stifle dissent or employ the news media as a mouthpiece to espouse government positions.

Overall, the report found 63 nations "not free," and noted a decline in press freedom in nations such as Hungary, Turkey and Mexico.  The watchdog group also voiced concern about a trend of authoritarian entities misusing "licensing and regulatory frameworks" to control the press.

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