Wednesday, May 4, 2011

McClatchy McCutting Jobs Again

The Kansas City StarImage via WikipediaMedia monolith McClatchy Co., which boasts 30 daily newspapers among its communications companies, is cutting 50 editorial positions in the wake of its recently announced poor First Quarter performance that saw a near 10 percent decline in revenues (see "TUOL" post 4/26/11).

The Kansas City Star is dumping 24 jobs and dropping vacant positions, The Raleigh News & Observer is eliminating 20 slots through buyouts and layoffs and The Miami Herald is eliminating 35 vacant positions and slashing 15 jobs, according to's "mediajobsdaily" blog. Earlier this year, The Sacramento Bee and The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, also McClatchy dailies, completed a round of staff cutbacks (see "TUOL" posts 2/9/11 & 2/1/11).

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