Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hits Keep Coming to CNN Prime-Time Audience

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)The devoted staff of "TUOL" has dutifully tracked viewers' migration away from CNN's slate of evening programming over the years (see "TUOL" posts 5/3/12, 3/30/10, 12/17/09), but rock-bottom may have been reached by the cable giant as a New York Times article today reveals the network's prime-time ratings for the week ending May 14 were its lowest since September 1991.

CNN ("Collapsing Nobody Notices") drew on average only 395,000 prime-time viewers for the week in question. Not to pile on, but among the demographic group advertisers  crave--25 to 54 year olds--CNN yakker Piers Morgan could muster only 39,000 watchers.  A cat coughing up a fur ball on You Tube could draw that many viewers within 10 minutes, even without a British accent.
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  1. With your wit you could be in standup, but please don't leave us. Love your cat/fur ball quip!