Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Serving 'Cosmopolitan' to a Highball Crowd

Women's Wear Daily reports that Hearst's racy periodical Cosmopolitan is getting ready to unveil a fall  line of lingerie, jewelry, bags and accessories at that cutting edge, smoldering fashion enclave--J.C. Penney Co.?

 Penney execs would not confirm to WWD that their metaphoric, if not literal, "square" brick and mortar stores would be the site of the Cosmo girl garb rollout. For its part, Hearst merely admitted to WWD that it planned a major product launch this fall.

If true, it looks as if Cosmo readers have finally found their "Gee!" spot.

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious. Your breadth of knowledge astounds. Can't imagine any symbiosis between Cosmo and J.C. Penney unless the latter intends to radically change its character and image. Patronized both in years past, so good luck to them if they're considering a corporate relationship. They're unlikely bedfellows.