Thursday, May 3, 2012

Litigatin' Glitterati: George & Julia Bring Privacy Suit

In George Clooney & Julia Moder, known professionally as Julia Roberts v. Digital Projection, Inc., Beyond Audio, Inc. &  Does 1-20 (Case No. SC116851) filed last week in Los Angeles County Superior Court, two of Hollywood's most elite stars sued two companies for allegedly misappropriating their images.

The Hollywood Reporter's THR, Esq. blog reported exclusively on the filing of the 14-page complaint that includes counts alleging trademark infringement under the Lanham Act [15 U.S.C. sec. 1125], misappropriation [Cal. Civ. Code sec. 3344] and negligence against Georgia-based Digital Projection and Beyond Audio, a Canadian company.  Clooney and Roberts are seeking compensatory damages, triple damages, punitive damages, attorneys' fees and injunctive relief against the defendants for their purported use of the actors' images in advertising, marketing and promotional materials.

Actors need to protect their rights of publicity ("my face is my fortune" and all that), so the star-struck staff of "TUOL" is sympathetic to the plaintiffs. Also, anything that keeps George & Julia too busy to consider an Ocean's 14 sequel can't be a bad thing.

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