Monday, February 25, 2013

NY Times Heralds Change of International Daily

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Sometime this Fall, the International Herald Tribune, the English language daily that is sold in more than 160 nations, will be re-dubbed the International New York Times and a revamped Web site will be rolled out, the New York Times reported today.

The daily, which is printed at 38 sites worldwide, debuted in 1887, thanks to founder James Gordon Bennett, Jr., as the European edition of The New York Herald, later becoming The New York Herald Tribune in 1959.

After that paper folded, The Washington Post and New York Times rescued the European daily in 1967 and renamed it The International Herald Tribune, formally becoming co-owners in 1991. The Times bought out the Post's interest in 2003.

The Times article said the paper's masthead would undergo change as well.  "TUOL"'s worldly staff has always relied on the Trib during European sojourns to keep abreast of how its beloved New York Yankees and Boston Celtics are faring and to subdue bouts of homesickness.
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