Monday, February 4, 2013

TPC Launches Saturday as 'Conservative' Facebook Alternative

English: At Tea party event in salt lake city
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Already boasting 50,000 members, the social media platform Tea Party Community ("TPC") will debut Saturday as a conservative alternative to Facebook, according to a Fox News report.

TPC is co-founded by Ken Crow and father and son duo Tim Selaty Sr. and Jr. The social network, whose Web site promises: "If you like FB, you're going to love the Tea Party Community," enables participants to "friend" one another and costs nothing to join. 

In the unsolicited opinion of  "TUOL," TPC may draw interest from Facebook's copyright and trademark attorneys because the nascent network has a very similar layout and appears to employ the same color scheme as Facebook, though it uses a different font. "TUOL"'s own crack design team suggests that the Tea Party Community site only be accessible by right-clicking one's mouse and that it not offer a "Like" function, because from what "TUOL" has seen, Tea partiers don't seem to like much of anything anyway.

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