Thursday, March 7, 2013

Newspaper Trend: More Paywalls, Fewer Freebies

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Internet viewers are finding it harder to freeload as online newspapers have accelerated erecting metered paywalls and paring the number of  "free" articles before subscription rates kick in.

In an online article by The Wrap about Press +,  an e-commerce platform boasting more than 400 publishers whom it assists in creating online subscription options,  it was reported that 35 percent of Press + affiliates now offer five or fewer articles per month to newspaper Web site visitors before demanding payment, while 77 percent allow 10 or fewer free articles before a subscription is called for.

The Wrap article quoted Press + figures indicating since July 2011, a 40 percent jump in the average price of a monthly digital subscription, though over the past six months, the increase was only 5 percent.

Metered paywalls, which are a frequent subject of this blog, are still a Brave New World for the staid newspaper industry whose paper editions have been bleeding ad revenues and circulation losses for years. The Wall St. Journal and The New York Times are among only a handful of  digital edition success stories.

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