Wednesday, March 13, 2013

USA Today to Staffers: Hurry Up & Retire

USA Today
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Staffers, 55 and older, who have toiled at Gannett Co.'s flagship national daily, USA Today, for at least 15 years, have been offered an early retirement buyout by the financially beleaguered paper, according to media gossip blog,

The blog reported that as many as 150 employees are eligible to take the money and run, but that the paper is reserving the right to deny buyouts to some of those qualified to receive it.  The daily confirmed that staffers who accept the package will receive two weeks' pay for each year of service up to a maximum one year, and that health insurance coverage would continue throughout the payout period.

The devoted "TUOL" staff was on a USA Today diet during a just-completed  hotel stay and couldn't help but notice how easily the news-depleted daily slid under the hotel room door.
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