Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ludacris Litigation: Hip Hop Star Defends Against Copyright Infringement Rap

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New Zealand tv station Web site and the World Wide Entertainment Network are reporting on a copyright smackdown involving two Illinois-bred rappers, Ludacris and MarVo.

The 35-year-old Champaign, Ill. native Ludacris (nee Christian Brian Bridges), who has thrived in the business, film (Fast & Furious series) and music worlds, is accused of appropriating the tune, Sex Room, by Chicago hip hop artist MarVo.  According to the Complaint, MarVo alleges he and producer Kajun worked on the ditty (not Diddy; that's Sean "Puff  Daddy" Combs) in 2009 before Kajun purportedly sold the track without MarVo's permission, to Ludacris who released Sex Room in 2010 as a duet with Trey Songz, That's the same year Ludacris released the singles My Chick Bad and How Low. (Media law and Funk are "TUOL"'s strong suits.)

MarVo is looking for damages from both Ludacris and Songz concerning Sex Room. The Complaint alleges the final release of the song features many of MarVo's original lyrics.

"TUOL" heard about this lawsuit by Word of Mouf (2001). Always like to start the day with a little ludicrous Ludacris humor.

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