Friday, June 14, 2013

New Media Law Weakens Ecuadoran Broadcast Journalism

Ecuador's president-elect Rafael Correa.
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Ecuador's National Assembly today is expected to approve a measure proposed by President Rafael Correa that will significantly diminish the influence of private broadcast journalists, according to an article by the Agence France Presse wire service.

The proposed law will redistribute control of the South American republic's airwaves, allocating one-third shares to private media, community radio and television, and state media. Presently, private media dominates, with shares of 85 percent in radio and 71 percent in television, the AFP article reported.

Correa, who aggressively has sued journalists and news organizations under the country's slander laws (see "TUOL" post 2/17/12), has ruled Ecuador since 2006, and his party, in last month's election, gained an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

Under the proposed media law, a new regulatory agency would be created to sanction and fine organizations that refuse to correct published information.
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