Wednesday, June 5, 2013

UPDATE: WaPo Paywall Rollout Begins Next Week

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The Washington Post Co. today announced it will begin a several-week-long phase-in of a metered paywall for its online edition next Wednesday.

Online visitors will have access to 20 free articles before being offered options ranging from $9.99 a month for desktop and mobile access to digital content to a $14.99 Digital Premium package that offers access to WaPo's custom apps.  The daily has been slow to join the 300 plus newspapers nationwide in putting up a paywall (see "TUOL" post 12/7/12), and still doesn't have its heart really in it, based on the liberal giveaways.

Not only will home delivery customers of the paper edition have complimentary access to WaPo's digital offerings, but also students, teachers, military personnel, government employees and school administrators will have unlimited free access to the online version while in their respective workplace and school. Moreover, the daily's home page, section front pages, classified ads and videos will be free to all visitors.

Presently, the Post has a first-year, $3.16 a month Sunday-only digital subscription available that increases to $7.40 a month after the trial period.
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