Friday, September 13, 2013

Maxim Mum on Sale Price in Darden Media Group Acquisition

Maxim (magazine)
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Alpha Media Group has unloaded Maxim Magazine to the Darden Media Group ("DMG") for an undisclosed purchase price, Ad Week reported today.

In the deal, Darden will take over the two-million circulation periodical, its 15 international versions and digital extensions, according to Ad Week. The 18-year-old magazine was founded by British publisher Felix Dennis.  DMG reportedly plans to shake-up the one-time cutting-edge men's magazine by expanding the name across radio, cable and music platforms.

DMG is headed up by Cal Darden Sr., a former executive for United Parcel Service, so he knows a hot package when he sees one. Guess that means Maxim won't be running a Girls of Federal Express pictorial anytime soon.
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