Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brace Yourself: Tomorrow is National Punctuation Day

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Looking for a chance to make your mark? The Chicago Tribune today reminds readers that Thursday, Sept. 24 is "National Punctuation Day." If you don't believe "TUOL," look it up in Chase's Calendar of Events.

The observance was the brainchild of former copy editor Jeff Rubin, who along with his spouse, maintains a good grammar Web  The grammarian duo in the past has cooked a question mark-shaped meat loaf and promises to observe the holiday this year by promoting a baking contest inviting pastry cooks to create an edible version of their favorite punctuation symbol.

For the kitchen-averse celebrants, "TUOL" suggests undergoing a "colon-oscopy" or becoming "comma-tose." Sorry, have to dash.
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  1. Must be a new holiday because my Chases's (1988) offers no "proof."

  2. 2004 was the year that Chase accepted this grand event.