Thursday, September 24, 2009

Survey Affirms Viewers' Love/Hate Relationship with Fox News

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The third annual "Trust and Satisfaction with the National News Media" survey conducted by Fairfield, Conn-based Sacred Heart University has yielded the most-trusted and least-trusted news media organizations--and they're both Fox News.

Fox's slogan, "fair & balanced" resonated with 30 percent of those surveyed, but 26.2 percent of  those polled might substitute "unfair & off-kilter" to describe the fourth network.  CNN, despite its slogan, "the most trusted name in news," had to settle for second place with 19.5 percent of survey participants giving the cable network a favorable rating. NBC and ABC tied for third with 7.5 percent.

On the unfavorable side of the street, NBC trailed Fox with a 9.9 percent untrustworthy rating, followed closely by MSNBC at 9.4 percent. ABC's Charlie Gibson, who will soon hand over his anchor reins to Diane Sawyer, was considered the most trusted anchor by 19.8 percent of those polled, followed by NBC's Brian Williams, CBS's Katie Couric and Fox talkmeister Bill O'Reilly.

What does it all mean?  "TUOL" reports, you decide. (Hint: it means nothing.)

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