Monday, September 21, 2009

Get Me Rewrite..Er, Re-train

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According to a report by Unity: Journalists of Color appearing in Editor & Publisher, from September 2008, through August 2009, journalism positions were lost at three times the rate of other jobs in the sluggish economy.

The organization claims the number of journalism jobs lost increased at an average rate of 22 percent a month during the period cited, compared to the 8 percent average rate of increase in evaporating employment for the general economy.  Print journalists bore the brunt of the reduction in jobs, 24,511 out of 35,885 jobs lost by the news media since September 15, 2008.

Unity: Journalists of Color compiled its data from SEC filings and information reported by 1,101 news media outlets. The report includes jobs lost by attrition, along with buyouts and layoffs.

News space in publications may be tight, but it sounds as if there is space to stretch out in  newsrooms.
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