Monday, March 1, 2010

Pew Study: Online News Trumps Newspapers; Trails TV

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BBC News cites a  recent study by the Pew Research Center that finds more people getting their news from online news aggregators and news Web sites than from newspapers.

Regular readers of newspapers, according to the Pew study, have dropped to 50 percent.  Meanwhile, online news, whether from aggregators such as Google News and AOL, or Web sites such as and CNN, is the third most popular source of news, but still lagging behind local and national tv stations. Seventy-eight percent of those queried say they get their daily news from local tv, compared to 71 percent from national networks and cable channels, such as CNN and Fox, while 61 percent look online for news reports. Radio news is a resource tapped by 54 percent of those polled.

The Pew survey also noted that 90 percent of respondents get their news from more than one medium and 57 percent claimed they consult two to five Web sites daily for their news.

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