Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's Emailed in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Jim Gibbons, governor of Nevada.Image via Wikipedia
In Reno Newspapers, Inc. v. Gov. Jim Gibbons (Event No. 53360), the Reno Gazette-Journal has asked the Nevada Supreme Court to issue an order granting public access to Emails sent by incumbent Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons and other state officials when the Emails pertain to govenment-related matters.

According to a story in The Las Vegas Review Journal, The Gazette-Journal has requested approximately 100 Emails from Gov. Gibbons,which purportedly include messages exchanged with Leslie Durant and Kathy Karrasch, two women alleged to have been romantically involved with the governor.  Counsel for the daily appealed to Nevada's highest court after Carson City District Court Judge James Todd Russell ruled against imposing a policy that would settle whether emails by government officials constituted public records under Nevada's Public Records Law (NRS 239.010).

A decision from the Nevada Supreme Court is not expected for several months.

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