Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the Winner Is...No One

The Pulitzer Prize gold medal awardImage via WikipediaPulitzer Prizes were awarded yesterday, and for the first time since the honors were bestowed, there was no winner in the breaking local news category, AdWeek reports.

The Chicago Tribune, The Tennessean, and, jointly, The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald all vied for the $10,000 award accompanying the Pulitzer Prize, but came up short. The breaking local news category was created by the Pulitzer committee in 1955, and this year marks the first time no winner was chosen. 

A number of editors purportedly don't compete in the category because they don't believe their coverage area has experienced enough of a disaster to snag the award.  "TUOL" suggests they cover the state of the newspaper industry if they want to cover a disaster.

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