Monday, April 25, 2011

Dan Abrams Online Media Empire Continues to Grow with Mogulite

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 08:  TV personality Dan Ab...Image by Getty Images via reports that 45-year-old NBC News legal analyst turned Media Metwork entrepreneur Dan Abrams is debuting Mogulite today, which he views as a worthy addition to the Mediaite, Geekosystem family (see "TUOL" post 12/7/10).

Mogulite, is not something you soak your mogul in to remove stains, nor is it a creation from the imagination of H.G. Wells or J.R. Tolkien. Rather, it is a Website devoted to reporting on the lives of bigshots, ranging from Oprah to Mark Cuban, to some of our friends who helped destroy the World economy a couple of years back.

Peter Lauria of The Daily Beast will be consulting editor, and The Real Deal's Amy Tennery, managing editor, of Mogulite. Features will include an evolving Mogul Power Grid to show who's on top of his or her game and, perhaps, if we're lucky, who's been indicted.  The introductory post for Mogulite says in part: "We're committed to the idea that what the ultra-wealthy and powerful do matters, as much as many would like to deny it."

One may wonder if Mogulite's appeal will match that of Mediaite, which draws more than 1.2 million unique visitors monthly, according to the TechCrunch post. Stop us, if you've heard this one, but didn't this kind of "zillionaire as rock star" mentality give us Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff and the rest of the Lousekateers?

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