Monday, April 11, 2011

Couric & Lauer 'Dream Team' to Reunite in Syndication?

Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Al RokerImage via WikipediaThe Wall St. Journal today is reporting on the possible re-teaming of one-time Today Show co-hosts Katie Couric and Matt Lauer in a syndicated talk show next year.

Former NBCUniversal chief executive Jeff Zucker reportedly is among those fanning the flames about a possible Couric/Lauer partnership in 2012. Couric's contract as anchor of the CBS Evening News expires in June, and she is expected to depart (see "TUOL" post 6/4/11). Meanwhile, Lauer, who succeeded Bryant Gumbel as Today Show co-host in 1997, is only contractually bound to the morning show through the end of 2012. Rumors are also swirling that Lauer's present co-host, Meredith Vieira, is ready to sleep-in and not return to the Today Show grind when her commitment ends later this year. Ann Curry, the program's news anchor, has been pointed to as being Vieira's likely successor.

None of the Today players is speaking on the record about the morning machinations, nor has Katie been pinned on the Matt issue.  Not that anyone's asking, but the ever-helpful "TUOL" staff is delighted to offer the following titles for a Couric/Lauer syndicated yakker:  "The Perky/Jerky News Hour;" "The Himbo-Bimbo Morning Show;" and "Swimming in the Shallow End with Katy & Matt."

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