Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bahrain Sues U.K. Daily for Defamation

Robert Fisk at a book signing at a writers fes...Image via WikipediaBahrain has sued  The Independent for allegedly "orchestrating a defamatory and premeditated media campaign" against the Persian Gulf kingdom, according to an article on the British daily's Website (

The government-controlled Bahrain News Agency reported that Bahrain and Saudi Arabia had been targets of  "unrealistic and provocative articles," and pointed a finger at Independent Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk. The constitutional monarchy has retained counsel in the U.K., but The Independent is not waving a white flag, because, as in the U.S., case law in the U.K. has well-established that local and national governments can't sue for defamation.

Were an individual Bahranian official to sue, he or she would have to prove his or her reputation was tarnished by the media defendant, who in turn, could rely on a defense that it was serving the public interest by publishing the purportedly defamatory statements. 

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  1. Exactly. The 'threat' by the Bahrain Gvt is laughable; do they not realise that anyone can find out via the internet about International law and the impossibility of such an action? They seem wholly out of touch with the world as it is. The truth is already out there & all smoke screens by the Bahrain Gvt are pathetic. They are digging ever deeper holes for themselves.