Monday, June 13, 2011

Dis-Concerting: Sun-Times Staffer Fired for Embellishing Glee Live! Review

Glee Live! In Concert!Image via WikipediaPaige Wiser, a 17-year veteran Chicago Sun-Times staffer and Northwestern University Medill Journalism School alumna, has been fired for submitting an untruthful review of a Glee Live! concert earlier this month.

Wiser, the tabloid's TV critic, attended the concert with her two pre-teen children in tow. When one of her kids complained of feeling ill, Wiser left the event before it ended. Rather than inform her readers that she skipped out early, Wiser submitted a review that discussed an encore performance of the song "Friday," that, unfortunately for her, the cast did not perform. Compounding the error, Wiser's review also described the cast's performance of another tune that she did not personally observe.

In terminating the long-time columnist, Sun-Times editor Don Haynor apologized to readers, writing: "accuracy and honesty in reporting are essential parts of the promise we make to our readers. We regret the incident and apologize."

Poor judgment for sure, but "TUOL" believes Wiser suffered enough by having sat through most of the concert.

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