Thursday, June 9, 2011

Extra!: National Enquirer Pitches Reality Series to CBS

CBS current eye logo, popularly known as the &...Image via WikipediaAmerican Media, Inc.-owned supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer is working with CBS to develop a reality tv series involving the daring exploits of Enquirer reporters as they uncover, or create--depending on one's perspective--scandalous news stories.

The New York Post reports today that CBS veteran Has Gessner is producing the pilot series, Breaking It: Behind the Scenes at the National Enquirer, featuring Enquirer Executive Editor Barry Levine. Reportedly, one of the teaser items in the reel pitching the series includes 2008 footage of a secret liaison at a hotel involving Rielle Hunter and America's current favorite sleazeball du jour, former Sen. John Edwards.

"TUOL" is intrigued. National Enquirer and "reality" rarely appear in the same sentence. A caveat to the suits at Black Rock contemplating airing a series celebrating Enquirer snoops on the network where Murrow & Cronkite once roamed: If you 'Breaking It,' you bought it.

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