Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hallmark Channel: Continuing Ratings-Starved Martha Stewart Show Not in the Cards

English: Martha Stewart Show LogoImage via WikipediaPotpourri and doilies are no substitute for viewers, so the Hallmark Channel will end the run of The Martha Stewart Show in April, reports.

Stewart and Hallmark began their collaboration in 2010 (see "TUOL" post 3-31-10), but her show, which said drew, on average, a quarter-million viewers last year, only attracted 41,000 watchers in the desirable demographic group of females, ages 25 to 54. Reruns of her program will air from April through September, according to Newser. Stewart may continue to explore other programming options with Hallmark and is pitching ideas to other networks as well, according to a spokesperson, so no need to send her a "Sorry to Hear You Were Cancelled" Hallmark card.

Here's a tip for Hallmark:  combining the shredded tapes of Stewart's old shows with assorted ferns and cuttings can produce stylish, but expensive centerpieces for formal shareholder dinners.
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